Certified Pre-Owned Machines


Certified Pre-Owned Machines

We recognize that businesses have
varying needs.
Some companies require –
and have the budget for – the latest copy
machines and printers. Others, however,
have lower-volume printing and copying
needs. If your organization needs quality
copiers but you don’t want to invest in
brand-new machines ,consider purchasing
certified pre-owned equipment from
Digital Copy Systems.

Even if you own the latest and greatest office machines, you may
have the need for auxiliary equipment to reduce traffic at busy
machines. Our certified pre-owned option makes boosting efficiency
affordable while still ensuring the quality and dependability your
busy office’s needs.

We inspect our pre-owned machines for the following factors before they can be certified:

  • Number of copies or prints produced over the life
    of the machine

  • Physical wear and condition

  • Internal mechanisms and parts

  • Thorough inspection of items covering 15 areas

  • Ability to pass 25-point certification

Our certified pre-owned program gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll experience the reliability and functionality of newer copy machines and printers at a lower price point. If you thought your business couldn’t afford to invest in upgraded or supplemental office equipment, think again. Contact Digital Copy Systems in Peoria, Illinois today for more information on our certified pre-owned machines.
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