Managed Print Services


Managed Print Services

If you’re like most of us, you’ve been
hard at work seeking out budget leaks.
Don’t forget one important area:
office equipment usage

It’s impossible to know how much
you’re spending if you don’t understand
how your printer fleet is being used.
We’ll perform a free analysis of your
company’s usage, from supply inventories
and cost-per-print to individual employee
usage and equipment traffic patterns. Although heavily
document- reliant companies can experience huge savings, we can help any
business streamline processes and save money.

Having one experienced, reliable company analyze and service your
printers enables you to take control over your business processes and printing costs.
Our well-trained managed print specialists will develop a plan to address your company’s problem patterns and help you put it into action.
Contact us today to begin experiencing lower printing costs and dramatically improved efficiency.

Program Benefits:

  • Centralized printer/copier/fax fleet administration

  • Tracking, documenting and control of document expense

  • Elimination of erratic spending

  • Monitoring and control of toner inventories for term of contract

Billing flexibility:
  • Service, supplies and equipment for all items, locations and departments on one monthly invoice

  • Adjustable, volume-based Cost-per-Print program

  • Print Tracking software allows for usage-based departmental or client billing

Eliminate capital expenditure:
  • Cut capital expenditures on new or replacement equipment

Refresh technology:
  • Refresh equipment at routine intervals based on strategic needs

  • Upgrade/downgrade printers without penalty

  • Replace aging printer fleet with state-of-the-art technology

  • Hardware consistency = fewer toner types

  • Output consistency

  • Same Canon user interfaces on MFDs

Technological infrastructure:
  • Boost tech capabilities using existing equipment and resources (digital imaging, digital fax)

  • Develop infrastructure for long-term cost control

Reduction in soft costs:
  • Cut IT time dealing with document-related issues

  • Process fewer invoices

  • No external service expense

  • Cut costs by sending documents digitally instead of faxing

  • Improve user productivity

  • Reinvest capital

  • Regular evaluation of your ever-changing business by an assigned managed print executive

  • Help with infrastructure and technological needs by an IT specialist

  • Local DCS technicians respond to your needs in four hours or less

  • Professional installation and ongoing training for a seamless transition

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